If you have a free day in Rome and you would like to take an easy ride outside the city, enjoying the countryside, without anyway spending most of the day in the car, then the little Italian region UMBRIA is what you are looking for.
About only one hour away from Rome, this tiny area is famous for its little medieval town and, more than that, for its Etruscan ruins that take you back of several centuries.
It is also famous to be the region where is Assisi, known to be to hometown of St. Francis and St. Claire where beautiful cathedrals dedicating to them are standing and deserve to be seen.
In the modern time Umbria is also known as olive oil producer and, due to little towns such as Deruta and Orvieto, also for its terracottas.
Two "easy going" tours we like to offer you are:

  orvieto cioccolata
  spagna frutta
  marcello vitoriano