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We have lived in Rome all our lives. For seven years, we worked in one of the most prestigious tourism companies in Italy. During that time, we toured our country with clients, discovering beautiful places both popular and hidden away and developing relationships with many different kinds of people along "the boot." Having acquired both the necessary experience and a strong desire to provide a more personal, customized experience for my clients, we finally decided to take the plunge and start our own company, ThisIsItaly.
After thinking about hundreds of names, we chose the name ThisisItaly because many times while driving, we found ourselves answering our clients' questions about daily life here with the response, "Because this is Italy!" It was not an answer we gave simply because we had no better response; it was to show that Italian life is full of surprises and humorous contradictions. Our goal is for clients to experience the Italian in all its facets, going above and beyond to provide the best of Italy's history, culture, food, and hospitality. We want them to leave our country telling others about the trip they experienced, saying, "Yeah, ThisisItaly!" with a smile.
All this is possible thanks to our courteous, highly trained, energetic staff, who, like us, believe in the full mission of this company and have a passion for Italy. We never tire of finding the right balance for our clients, who want art and history, but at the same time to spend an enjoyable day of fun that makes their stay truly unforgettable.
So why should you choose us? We could list many other reasons, but prefer to let you, after having planned and experienced your vacation with our company, say why you made the right choice and why other people should entrust with their dream of an Italian holiday to us so that they, like you, will no doubt say, "Yeah, THISISITALY!"

THISISITALY - "bringing you and authentic italian experience"
GABRIELE BORELLO - President and Founder