This driving tour is designed for those who want to explore or know more about the Jewish religion and culture in Rome. The Jewish people were immigrants, and did not enjoy any special privileges; yet they created one of the most vibrant and interesting communities in the city of Rome.
From Trastevere, where the oldest synagogue in the city was positioned, to the new Jewish temple built in the twentieth century, the so-called "Jewish ghetto" will hold no secrets for you by the end of the tour. At the Jewish Museum, you will deepen your understanding of a different religion and culture or simply "feel at home" as you connect to a piece of your history. You will learn about the district where unfortunately the most infamous deportation during World War II took place. Today, this is where most of the 15,000 Jews living in the city of Rome still reside and where you should definitely stop by if you want to try the best of Roman Jewish cuisine.